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Austin attorney Megan Baumer helps individuals and families review their personal and financial information to determine the best estate plan to meet their goals. By planning ahead, you can make administering your estate upon your death or dealing with your needs in the event of your incapacity much easier for your family. We can help you ensure that your spouse and children are provided for, that your assets will go the people you have chosen and that your family will retain much more control over the process by reducing the need for court involvement. We can also help you to prevent confusion and even conflict among family members about what your true wishes would be.

Over one-half of all Americans who die each year do not have wills and over sixty percent of Americans don’t have living wills or powers of attorney in place to appoint someone to make financial and healthcare decisions in the event of their incapacity. Most of us just don’t want to think about our deaths or incapacity. We’re also busy with work and kids and life, and we just don’t think we have the time. We have other financial priorities. But the future comes whether or not we plan for it, and sometimes it comes unexpectedly early.

Many people assume that if they die without a will, their spouse will automatically inherit everything. In Texas, this is not necessarily true. Texas is a community property state, so upon death, the law treats all community property that a couple has acquired as if each spouse owns one half. The surviving spouse retains his or her ½, and the other half passes under the other spouses will or under intestacy laws if there is no will. If the first spouse to die has children by another relationship, then that spouse’s ½ interest in the community property will not go to his spouse but will be divided among all of his or her children. More about who inherits if you don’t have a will.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your estate planning needs with attorney Megan Baumer. Once we determine together the approach that best meets your goals, we will draft the appropriate estate planning documents, including wills, trusts powers of attorney for healthcare, durable powers of attorney (for financial matters), and directives to physicians (also known as a living will).

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